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In response to a changing world, law enforcement agencies are required to protect communities in ways never seen before, often putting into use an overwhelming amount of new tools and technology. Unfortunately, while technical advancement can be beneficial, when it comes with very little training or the necessary customization required by individual departments, that potential value is meaningless.

With police interview recording systems, there needs to be a middle ground between using outdated technology and new tech so complicated it interferes with an investigator’s workload. Although conducting investigative interviews is just a small portion of that work, CaseCracker provides that middle ground with police interview room recording systems that make the job easier than ever.


A Simple Recording Solution

There is nothing worse than following a step-by-step manual just to start recording an interview. With CaseCracker’s systems, a recording is initiated with a single button. When you are ready to review the video, our user-friendly interface allows you to play, pause, fast-forward, or rewind in multiple speeds. You’ll save even more time in the review process. When you’re ready to export the interview, we give you the option to export in a variety of file formats so you can quickly share and access the evidence you need.


Time-Saving Equipment

One of the most important aspects of a law enforcement agency is to solve cases accurately and efficiently. CaseCracker interview room recording systems have many unique time-saving features like flagging and annotating. You can collaborate with your team, mark key statements, and create notes right in the CaseCracker system, saving you countless hours when writing your case report. CaseCracker’s recording solutions save valuable departmental resources allowing you to protect more people in the community.


Providing the Reliability and Security You Need

When it comes to investigative interviews, you cannot risk poor audio and video quality, lost interviews, or failed recordings from outdated technology like DVR systems and audio recorders. CaseCracker’s recording solutions meet the highest of standards as standalone, Linux-based interview recording systems that utilize security and reliability features like data redundancy and secure hash. These features put you at ease knowing your investigative interviews are securely saved onto your CaseCracker system.


Boulder Police Department

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