I would like to install a dual boot option on our CaseCracker system. Is this possible?

CaseCracker is designed to be a standalone Linux system so our team can quickly diagnose issues and offer fast support. Due to the difficult and subjective nature, we do not support systems with a dual boot function.

What ports need to be opened to allow Remote Help?

Ports 80 and 443.

How is the time updated?

Click Tools > Set time / Date... Then set the correct time zone location by city. If connected to a network, CaseCracker will update to the network time automatically. At the beginning of a new recording, in the, "New Session" popup box, at the bottom is a reminder prompt for the user to confirm the system time is correct.

The flagging transmitter only works when right next to the receiver.

In a noisy radio environment, removing the antenna from the receiver can help, as per Linear Systems. You should hear the relay click from a distance, and the range should now be up to 75 feet.

Can I use the remote wall activation switch if no one is logged in?

Not currently. A user must be logged in for the wall switch to activate a recording.

Does CaseCracker hibernate or sleep?

No, it's always on. Only the monitor goes blank to avoid screen burn in and save power.

Can the data overlay banner position be moved for exported DVDs?

Log in as Administrator, click Tools > Setup > Recording (tab), then change the Overlay dropdown choice.

What is the sequence for video inputs?

Starting closest to the red LED zero, Room 1 Main, Room 2 Main, Room 1 PIP, Room 2 PIP.

Can the primary overall scene-view camera be swapped for the picture-in-picture view?

Swap the inputs for the cameras. Directly next to the volume control is an icon of a square with double-arrow.

If enabled under Tools > Setup, the user can swap the pictures during a recording. This view is permanent in the recording.

Which backup method is recommended, mp4 (export) or nut2 (backup)?

If your agency uses flags and annotations, nut2, otherwise mp4. Please note mp4's cannot be reimported. (Original videos will always remain on the system unless specifically deleted.)