What versions of IE are supported for OnDemand?

IE 9, 10 and 11

What are the typical web ports used by CaseCracker for OnDemand, Live Remote Viewing and Booking Client?

80, 443, 1510, 46729, 46730

If the Administrator password has been changed from "welcome" and is now lost, how can it be recovered?

For security purposes, you will need to send in your hard drives to Cardinal Peak along with a letter from the highest person in authority at your site authorizing a password reset.

Please call to open a trouble ticket, then clearly put the ticket number on the drives to provide adequate tracking.

Please pack the drives in anti-static poly bags or pink bubble wrap, then provide adequate padding for shipment.

All data will remain on the drive, only the password will be reset. There is a flat fee of $150 for this procedure. Any expedited shipping will be at the users expense. There will 3-5 day turnaround.

What is the default Administrator password?

welcome (all lower case).

I forgot my password. Can I reset my own password?

If you are a user and you forgot your password, you must ask your Administrator to perform the reset function for you.